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termes delicate

Aroma : fruity and fresh.
Palate : has a slight but pleasant fragrance, and is well balanced.

Produced from olives of Ayvalık variety and is intended to satisfy those desiring a mild olive oil taste; and a light and smooth consistency. Suits well to your light and delicate meals throughout the day. Recommended to be used uncooked, or added to the dish at the final stages of cooking.

Free acidity (as oleic acid) max. : 0.8 %

Produced only by cold pressing of the olive fruit, without any further treatment. Unfiltered to maintain all the olive fruit has to offer, thus may appear slightly opaque and a thin sediment may set. Dark colored glass pack is intended for the preservation of the oil from the adverse effects of light. Should always be kept away from direct light, at room temperature, and with the bottle closed. Olive oil becomes opaque and freezes when kept at low temperatures.

termes delicate

extra virgin olive oil

Free Acidity (% oleic acid) : max.0,8% Variety : ayvalik Region : Burhaniye

500 ml. glass bottle