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Our Product;
olive oil in its most natural state; produced only by the cold pressing of the olive fruit, without any further treatment; natures good oil from ancient olive groves; no exaggeration, no refinement; just pure olive oil.

Our Process;
as simple as it could be; as it has been done since ages past; just as what you would do when you want some orange juice for breakfast; wash the fruit, squeeze it, extract the oil; at all times caring to ensure good food hygiene standards and compliance whilst preserving nutritional values, and to bring out the endogenous natural beauties of the olive fruit at its best.

Our Mill;
right where it should be, amidst the sea of olive trees; an olive farm and a well designed agricultural processing plant.

Our Scale;
not too large so as to assure the necessary attention that our product deserves; just for you, for your expectations.