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extra virgin olive oil soap

The antioxidant effects of olive oil is remarkable in its use in the manufacturing of cosmetics together with being a natural food. Olive oil soap is highly effective for the skin to retain its mositure, shine and elasticity; and is specially recommended by dermatologists.

Termes Olive Oil Soap;
- has no fragrance or colorings added to retain the natural smell and color of the pure olive oil soap;
- is thoroughly handmade without any incorporation of animal fat and chemical additives;
- generates a fine and silky foam; contains endogenous antioxidants, vitamin and minerals, preventing aging of the skin, dandruff formation, and hair loss;
- the process byproduces glycerine which extra moistens the hair and skin and provides a silky softness as well as cleansing.

Recommended to be used with all types of skin for the face and the body.

olive oil soap

120 gr. bar